After some years in slumber and no motivation to do anything I have gotten a deep desire to evolve myself. This will be a start to find a way back to my passions and I invite you to follow me on this journey.
I have always had a big interest in technology from computers/electronics to cars. My work career started with working as a boat/car mechanic. I then moved over to IT where I now am working as a consultant and has been for a couple of years. But when work starts to get repetitive I easily get bored. So this is like I said a way for me to find new air under my wings and try to recover the fire we all have when we start a new work/career!



It is the heart of almost everything today and I have always loved to find out how it works and fix broken things. I hate to throw away things that still can be repaired and get to good use once again.I will write and show you all from computers to switches and 3D printers and other tech. Hopefully you will be a help on my journey, give me inspiration and your points of view on all that I will post.

Open Source

This is something that burns close to my heart and have done from my early teen years, the First Open Source I came in contact with was Mandriva linux 9.0 from a relative. That experience changed many things for me and I have run Linux as my main OS in a long period and tried to keep away from proprietary stuff. I will try to evolve in this segment and start to give back to it in one or a other way.


Let’s say as it is. I am a beginner but have written some more advanced script in Bash. But for that I have searched a lot. This is a new field that I will try to get more advanced in and good enough to execute my projects. Both the ones I have in front of me and the ones that will come in the future and honestly I think code is going to be the future!?